Pedorthic Services

Along with quality, comfort footwear we also offer Pedorthic services such as custom orthotics and footwear modifications by appointment only. Call to set up a consultation appointment (704-636-1850) and either one of our two board certified pedorthist's (Ralph Baker, Jr., C. Ped. & Marissa Baker Wood, C. Ped.) will give you a thorough evaluation to determine just what you need to make walking more comfortable.

Your feet don’t have to hurt!

Whether your feet roll in or out, if you have a leg length difference, heel pain, arch pain, or just can’t make it through your work shift, we can help with a pedorthic solution.

        Graphic depicting anatomy of the ankle joint and foot when you Pronate or Supinate              American Board for Certification of Pedorthists logo

Ralph Baker, Jr. has been a board certified pedorthist for over 20 years (1997). His daughter Marissa Baker Wood has followed in his footsteps to become a board certified pedorthist in 2021.

Ralph Baker, Jr. C. Ped. preparing a shoe for a custom buildup             Image depicting a Plaster of Paris casting of an individual foot and it's complimenting custom orthotic

All of our custom orthotics and footwear modifications are done right here in our lab…we don’t have to order from an outside lab.